Our Awards

“At Sistica, our commitment to excellence and innovation has been recognized over the years with various awards and distinctions. These awards reflect our firm commitment to quality and leadership in the technology industry. Explore our achievements and discover by “We are the outstanding choice in technological solutions.”

Our Proud Achievement with APPS.CO


Recognized Innovation

Sistica is proud to have been awarded the prestigious APPS.CO Award. This award celebrates our dedication to technological innovation.

Impact on the Industry

Our commitment to quality and excellence has been highlighted with this recognition. APPS.CO recognizes our positive impact on the technology industry.

A Star Team

Behind this award is an exceptional team that works tirelessly to deliver market-leading technology solutions. Join us and be part of our success.

Our last and most recent achievement awarded by the mayor of Bogotá and Ean University

Bogotá Mayor's Office and Uan University

High Impact Company

Sistica is proud to be recognized by the Mayor's Office of Bogotá as a high-impact company. This prestigious award highlights our commitment to business excellence and significant contribution to the economic development of the region.

Business Strengthening Pillar

Our strategic collaboration with Uan University has not only positioned us as a pillar in business strengthening, but has also driven innovation and knowledge at the heart of our operations. Together, we move towards a stronger, more sustainable business future.

Recognized Innovation, Sustainable Success

By receiving the High Impact Company award and strengthening our foundation with Uan University, we demonstrate that innovation and commitment to excellence are at the core of our business DNA.


Others awards

Time Highlights Us: Appearance in Renowned Magazine

Universidad del Bosque: Recognizing Technological Excellence

Get in the Ring DAVIVIENDA: Liderando el Combate Empresarial

Get in the Ring DAVIVIENDA: Leading the Business Combat


We have been recognized by Extra newspaper for our positive impact on the industry

Get in the Ring

“Winners of the challenging Get in the Ring DAVIVIENDA tournament, highlighting our entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding solutions.”


“We are proud to receive the prestigious APPS.CO Award, which celebrates our innovation in technology.”