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In an increasingly connected world, protecting your information is essential. Our cybersecurity service is here to safeguard your peace of mind. Find out how we can strengthen your online defense.

Our services

Safety studies

This service involves performing a detailed analysis of an organization's systems and networks to identify security vulnerabilities and assess the level of risk associated with them. With the results, an action plan can be established to improve security.


This service consists of the review and evaluation of an organization's existing security systems and processes to ensure that established security standards are met and are being applied effectively.


This service provides an additional layer of security for an organization's network. A firewall is software or hardware designed to monitor and filter network traffic, blocking unauthorized access and allowing only secure traffic.

Hacking Ético

This service involves performing penetration tests on an organization's systems and networks in order to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The idea is to simulate a real attack so that weaknesses can be fixed before a real hacker exploits them.

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Protect your business from cyber threats with Sistica cybersecurity solutions. Find out how we can safeguard your data and keep your business safe online.

Cybersecurity is essential in the digital age. Join Sistica to strengthen your online defenses and keep your business operations secure. Act today and protect your business!